Top 10 Quotable Quotes from ‘Stranger Things’

Have you watched the Netflix phenomenon that is Stranger Things? If not, then I suggest you watch it right now and come back to this post when you are done. It is everything that defines great TV. For a pop culture enthusiast like myself, this show is absolute gold! It has mystery, horror, conspiracy theories and humor – together forming a terrific homage to the 80s which is often considered as the golden era of American sci-fi.

The Duffer Brothers played quite the gamble when they opted for a cast mostly comprising of newcomers with few stalwarts like Winona Ryder and Matthew Modine. This master stroke truly worked wonders for the show which is evident by the two Gloden Globe nods that it has received so far.

Okay, enough endorsement! Today’s list comprises of my ten favorite quotes from the show which will definitely reach cult status down the line. Go on and show off your inner TV aficionado with these witty one-liners.

Note: This post contains SPOILERS. Consider yourself warned.

10. I’m stealthy, like a Ninja!


Golden Words by: Steve Harrington,       Episode: 1

Steve Harrington epitomizes the high school heartthrob; one that every girl wants to date and every guy wants to be. He is cool, suave and confident. No wonder he thinks he can sneak into Nancy Wheeler’s room while her family sits for dinner downstairs! If you ever need to gain the confidence of your friends to execute a brilliant plan, this line will have them convinced.

9. You shouldn’t like things because people tell you you’re supposed to


Golden Words by: Jonathan Byers,        Episode: 2

Jonathan Byers is being all big-brotherly as he gives this sage advice to his younger sibling Will as The Clash‘s iconic rebel anthem ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go’ blares in the background. An introvert himself, he explains about not bowing down to what their estranged father thinks is right. He advises Will to follow his heart and do things that he would truly enjoy instead of finding happiness in their father’s wishes. Inspire your friends to embrace their inner non-conformists with this line.


8. I’m chill!


Golden Words by: Barbara Holland,        Episode: 2

We have all been there. Succumbing to peer pressure or tagging along with our best mate as the third wheel. As a lifelong friend, Barabara has been through it all with Nancy. Granted going to a shady house party is not her style but she is willing to go the extra mile to ensure her best friend’s safety. With this line, Barb reassures Nancy that despite her disapproval, she still has her back.


7. Friends don’t lie.


Golden Words by: Eleven,         Episode: 7

It is sheer turn of fate through which Eleven crosses paths with Mike and his friends. Raised in complete isolation from the rest of the world, they become her source as she learns the true meaning of friendship and family. Towards the final act, misunderstandings are cleared as El apologizes for lying about the location of the Upside Down and perfectly captures her regret with this simple line.


6. Why are you keeping this curiosity door locked?


Golden Words by: Dustin Henderson,       Episode: 7

An entire list can be made comprising of memorable one-liners by Dustin! However, with much difficulty, I was able to limit to just three of his best. He states this gem when his science teacher Mr. Clarke tries to avoid a lengthy conversation about sensory deprivation tanks on his date night. Ever been in a situation where you feel left out from the latest gossip or showdown at school? Use this line to get yourself updated!


5. If anyone asks where I am, I have left the country!


Golden Words by: Mike Wheeler,          Episode: 7

It took me a while to understand whether Mike was serious or joking when he said this line. Honestly, I still don’t know but it sure was fun to listen to! It’s at that point in the storyline when the kids realize that they are probably fugitives now. So naturally, they need to flee the law! In real life too, this line applies to many situations. To avoid annoying company, hide from mom after forgetting your chores..this one will help you make a dramatic exit!


4. Sometimes your total obliviousness just blows my mind…


Golden Words by: Dustin Henderson,       Episode: 6

Sigh! So much intellect in a person so small! Dustin expresses his dismay over Mike’s ignorance with this witty line. At times, when we focus on new prospects, we tend to lose track of what we have. That’s when we need a friend like Dustin to sit us down and help put things into perspective.


3. Lando!


Golden Words by: Dustin Henderson,        Episode: 7

Ok, last Dustin quote. I promise! This reference is to the character named Lando Calrissian from ‘Star Wars‘. Dustin refers to Lando’s betrayal of  Han Solo as he turns him over to Darth Vader during a sequence in the movie. Hence, with this quote, you can show-off your knowledge of Star Wars as well!


2. Mouthbreather

Golden Words by: Eleven,        Episode: 6

Often subjected to incessant bullying due to their love for science and the fantasy game Dungeons & Dragons, Mike and his friends refer to their tormentors and any person of low intellect as a mouthbreather. Fun Fact: This is an actual word in the dictionary that means ‘a stupid person’. Now you know.


1. Mornings are for Coffee and Contemplation


Golden Words by: Chief Jim Hopper,        Episode: 1

And finally, the top prize for the most glorious quote of this series (Season 1 at least) will go to Chief Jim Hopper who also has one of the most interesting arcs in the show. At the start, we loathe this character who seems incompetent at his job and only capable of passing lazy one-liners like this one. It is only later that we begin to understand his cold demeanor and ultimately root for this ‘Lost Knight’.

So how do you like my list? What was your favorite quote on Stranger Things? Post a comment below!